Comprehensive and high-quality daycare and education services

HarjulaJärvenpää carries out its educational duties by providing its residents with the basic prerequisites for growth and learning and the opportunity to increase their creativity and self-development.

The task of the early childhood education services is to organise a comprehensive and high-quality service network for early childhood education and pre-primary education for children under school age. Families that do not require daycare services are given the opportunity to take part in open daycare and clubs.

Järvenpää has 9 primary schools, one middle school, two comprehensive schools, one special school and an upper secondary school. In addition to the schools maintained by the city, several vocational schools and colleges operate in the area, such as the Keuda vocational school, the Church Training College, the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences and Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The Järvenpää Adult Education Centre offers a broad range of courses for the public throughout the study year.

Applying for a place at daycare, clubs or school

Daycare and preschool

If you wish to place your child in municipal daycare you must apply for a place four months ahead of time. If you are offered a job or a place at an educational institution, the application must be submitted at least two weeks before the need for daycare begins. The application period for people moving to the municipality is also four months. Every 6-year-old child has the right to 4 hours of preschool daily. Preschool is free of charge.

Fill in an electronic daycare and preschool application form (eVarhaiskasvatus, in Finnish). The child's guardian can log on to the service using online banking IDs.

If you are unable to attain online banking IDs, please contact:

  • Customer Adviser tel. 040 315 2567 (service also in English), email: varhaiskasvatushaku(at)jarvenpaa.fi, City Hall/Early Childhood Education Services, Yhteiskouluntie 13, P.O. Box 41, 04401 Järvenpää

Enrolling in school

Parents must fill in and sign an application form to enrol their child in school. The form must be filled in, printed, signed and mailed to the address provided at the bottom of the form (in Finnish, seek for Koulupaikan hakeminen).

You can register at Järvenpää City Hall, Yhteiskouluntie 13, P.O. Box 41, 04401 Järvenpää

The following persons handle school applications and answer any inquiries concerning enrolment:

  • Secretary of School Affairs, tel. 040 315 2272
  • Leading expert in basic education, tel. 040 315 2206

School transportation

Students are provided transportation free of charge if their school journey exceeds 5 km. First-graders are provided transportation if their journey exceeds 3 km.

School transport assistance must be applied for each year from the school's principal by 15th of May using the form below:

Further information on school transport:

  • Secretary of School Affairs, tel. 040 315 2272


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