Early education and schools

Updated 6 May

Monday 4th, the city of Järvenpää has sent the first instructions regarding the opening of schools to the guardians of primary school children through Wilma.

There will be a return to contact teaching from 14 May. At the same time, distance learning ends. A student who may stay home will not be on May 14-30. receive distance learning, as basic education is, in accordance with the law, contact education.
For children who have health reasons for a possible stay at home, the attending physician will assess the situation. In this case, the study may be organized in part differently from the Basic Education Act and is regulated and prescribed on the basis thereof.

If the guardian decides not to send his or her child to school after the end of distance education due to health reasons, leave or other reasons, an exemption from school work is applied for using the Wilma form. Any absences from school transport are also requested to be reported as soon as possible.

For more information, homes can ask the child's teacher or school principal. More information also here:


The city will soon receive instructions from the regional government agency on opening schools, after which school-specific plans for the arrangements will be made. Additional information will then be sent to the homes via Wilma. 

Early childhood education opens 14 May

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, Järvenpää's early childhood education will begin with normal activities.
All necessary safety instructions are taken into account for example the staff does not move between kindergartens. Early Childhood Education is sending a home survey on participation for the need of daycare.

Upper Secondary schools, vocational schoold and higher education open in May 

Restrictions concerning general upper secondary schools, vocational schools, higher education institutions and liberal education will remain in force until 13 May. From then on, starting on 14 May, the use of the premises of the above-mentioned educational institutions for teaching will be controlled through measures in line with the Communicable Diseases Act.

Contact teaching

Contact teaching can be resumed in a controlled and gradual manner. However, the Government recommends that universities, universities of applied sciences, upper secondary schools, vocational schools, liberal adult education and basic adult education institutes continue distance teaching until the end of the semester.  Restrictions on the organisation of basic education in the arts will remain in force until 13 May, after which their premises will be opened correspondingly for contact teaching.