Livelihoods and work

MetsoThe City of Järvenpää is a significant commercial and administrative centre in Central Uusimaa as well as part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Region economic and employment area.

Järvenpää offers businesses an ideal location. The prices of the city's commercial and industrial plots are competitive, and leases on facilities are more affordable than those within the Helsinki Metropolitan Region. Järvenpää is located near a main railway line and the Helsinki-Lahti direct line, near the Lahti and Tuusula motorways, just 38 kilometres from the centre of Helsinki. The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located half an hour away by car. Transport connections from the city to the capital area as well as the rest of Finland are convenient.

Some 2,400 businesses operate in Järvenpää, the most prominent of which are Metso Paper, Rocla, Ruukki, Elopak, Amipac, Itab Shop Concept Finland, Wursti, Helsingin Mylly, Marimatic, Tietosähkö, Temal and Aerial. The city's specialist fields are metal expertise and entrepreneurship in the creative fields.

The City of Järvenpää's business services assist entrepreneurs in various business-related matters, such as in acquiring plots or facilities. The key objective of employment promotion is to ensure the availability of a skilled and trained workforce.

Employment Services

Employment Services carries out employment promotion, which enables the workforce needs of the region's employers and unemployed job seekers to meet halfway.

Employment Services see gainful employment as the best source of security for people and their loved ones. Objectives of employment promotion include the prevention of long-term unemployment, the dismantling of structural unemployment and the reduction of youth unemployment.

The employment unit provides employers with advice on various employment options and payroll subsidies that can be applied for when hiring unemployed persons. One of our customers just might be the new employee you have been looking for.

Municipal residents are referred to us through the city's social services or unemployment office, but customers can also contact us on their own initiative. The employment unit offers its customers personal guidance and advice that is designed to support customers as they enter the open job market. In addition to guidance and advice, the unit also provides rehabilitative work, job coaching and subsidised employment.

Seeking employment in Järvenpää

The City of Järvenpää's vacancies and summer jobs can be found on the Jobs page (in Finnish).

If you are unable to find a job, register at the unemployment office as a job seeker at the address Mannilantie 28 A.

If you are a young adult under the age of 25 and are unemployed and not enrolled in a school, apply for information at the Youth Centre (Puistotie 27, 04430 Järvenpää).

If you are unemployed and over 25, the Employment Unit will provide you with information on work and training (Valtuustonkatu 3, 04401 Järvenpää).