Immigrant, welcome to Järvenpää

Verso – Järvenpää's Immigration Office
Myllytie 3, 04400 Järvenpää

Verso offers immigrants, officials and co-operation partners guidance, advice and information in matters related to immigration and integration.
Languages spoken by the staff at Verso are Finnish, English, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.

Senior Advisor on Immigration Arja Loima tel. 040 315 2075, Superior at Verso, Integration co-ordination, interpretation matters

Verso - place of guidance and advice

  • Open Tuesday 12am-4pm, Wednesday 12am-4pm, Thursday 12am-4pm 
  • Staff:
    • Sara Asiegbu, (substitute starting 1st Sept Jarkko Saarikoski), Social Counsellor, tel 040 315 2063
    • Pia Vappula, Service Counsellor, tel. 040 315 3603
    • Aila Muhonen, Service Counsellor, tel. 040 315 2273

Verso has collaborative services

  • Book appointment:
    • Social Worker, tel. 040 315 3424
    • Jamille Mota Wirkkala, Social Counsellor for under 21years of age, tel.040 315 3966
    • Minna Lindqvist, Social Worker for under 21years of age, tel. 040 315 2591
    • Satu Koivula, Social Counsellor for under 21 years of age, tel. 040 315 2599
    • Jarkko Saarikoski, Social Counsellor for under 21 years of age, tel.040 315 3967
    • Nelly Etelämäki, Nurse for Immigrants, tel. 040 315 3956
    • Laura Jalomäki, Psychiatric Nurse for Immigrants, tel. 040 315 2602


The services offered by the City of Järvenpää are available to you if your place of domicile is Järvenpää. To register your place of domicile, you must visit the Local Register Office (Maistraatti) (see section Moving to Finland and Järvenpää). When taking care of your matters at the city's various offices, you can also ask the staff there for more information and guidance.