Steering integration work

The purpose of the Act on the Promotion of Integration (1386/2010) is to support and promote integration and the opportunities of immigrants to participate in Finnish society.

Measures and services designed to promote integration are organised by the municipality and the TE Office. The municipality must draw up an integration programme that illustrates how local integration services have been arranged.

The Integration Programme for 2012–2013 approved by Järvenpää City Council (7 May 2012 § 29) and related attachments (in Finnish). Link will be updated soon.

In terms of administration, integration activities fall under Education and Guidance Services. Jari Lausvaara (tel. 040 315 2173), Director of Education at the City of Järvenpää, is primarily responsible for the process. He is assisted by Arja Loima (tel. 040 315 2075), Senior Advisor on Immigration.

The realisation of Järvenpää's Integration Programme and the development of integration activities is monitored by an Integration Steering Group and Integration Working Group.

Integration Steering Group 2012–2013

The steering group was appointed by the Mayor of Järvenpää. It monitors the realisation of the Integration Programme and the development of the integration work by the various service areas.

  • Jari Lausvaara, Director of Education
  • Kyllikki Rantakaulio, Language Co-ordinating Teacher
  • Arja Loima, Senior Advisor on Immigration
  • Arja Korhonen, Special expert in preschool and basic education
  • Leena Rauhala, Director of Childhood Support Services
  • Minna Karjalainen, Nursing Director
  • Virva Juurikkala, Director of Adult Social Work
  • Kirsti Ruislehto, Planning Manager
  • Saku Tihveräinen, Head of Services

Integration Working Group 2012–2013

The Integration Steering Group is expanded into an Integration Working Group by inviting representatives of immigrants and key co-operation partners to take part. The Integration Working Group ensures that the Integration Programme is up to date and monitors the realisation of its set targets, under the City of Järvenpää's Administration Group. The Integration Programme is updated at each new city council term, and is approved in the city council meeting. The Chairman of the Integration Working Group is the Director of Education, and the Secretary is the Senior Advisor on Immigration. The Working Group convenes at least twice a year.

Integration Steering Group and invited members

  • Sari Kanerva, Service Manager, TE Office
  • Loan Thi Tran, Project Worker, Multicultural Rinki
  • Pekka Heikkinen, Police Chief, Central Uusimaa Police Department
  • Anne Nyman, teacher, Church Training College
  • Soile-Maria Linnemäki, Central Uusimaa Association Network
  • Khadra Hussein, practical nurse, City of Järvenpää
  • Ioan Rosu, caretaker, Helsinki Orthodox Church, Church of Järvenpää
  • Mariel Pilois, international ministries co-ordinator at Adventist Church Finland, Kerava-Järvenpää
  • Veronika Mikkonen, teacher, Central Uusimaa unit, Finland–Russia Society
  • Harry Kesker, Educational Manager, Amiedu [*According to his LinkedIn page, he no longer holds this position]
  • Marjo Hellberg, Executive Director, JäPS