Welfare services

Ante-natal health care is an important part of health care for expectant mothers. The goal is to safeguard the mother's, fetus's and family's chances for the best possible health and well-being. Safe ante-natal monitoring means promoting family health, preventing various problems, early detection, and, if needed, follow-up care. The ante-natal clinic supports an expectant family in preparing for parenthood and for a new life situation, for example, through a family coaching programme that is carried out regularly. It is a good idea to contact the health-care nurse in your area in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Child-welfare clinics serve under-school-age children and their families. A health nurse monitors the child's growth and development from infancy until the child reaches school age, and supports the family throughout the child's development, as well as in parenthood, in the parents' relationship and in matters that concern the whole family.

Family counselling clinics provide support in cases where, for example, the parents are concerned about their child's behaviour, social skills and mental well-being.

Nurses at the Jamppa and Central family planning clinics look after issues related to preventing or terminating a pregnancy. The services are offered at the offices of the nurses and doctors in question.

The youth counselling clinic is intended for young people who do not have access to school or student health-care services or occupational health-care services. A health-care nurse, psychologist or doctor are all available via the clinic. When a young person faces problems that require a professional to assess the need for support or guidance, the youth counselling clinic might be the right place to go for help.