Culture belongs to everyone! Everyone has the right to enjoy concerts, festivals, museums and theatre even in a tight financial situation. Kaikukortti has been developed by The Culture for All Service as a solution to this problem. 

What is Kaikukortti? 

The aim of Kaikukortti is to improve the opportunities of young people, adults and families who are financially hard-pressed to participate in cultural life and engage in arts and culture. The Kaikukortti card can be used to get free tickets to, for example, festivals, concerts, dance performances or the theatre, or to pay for adult education centre courses. Kaikukortti is personal and free of charge.

Who is eligible for Kaikukortti in Järvenpää?

You are eligible for Kaikukortti, if:

  • you are a client of an social service or healthcare actor that is a member of the Kaikukortti network in Järvenpää.
  • you cannot afford entrance tickets or courses due to financial constraints; and
  • you are 16 years or older.

Where to get Kaikukortti in Järvenpää?

Kaikukortti is distributed to their own customers (living in Järvenpää) by the social service and healthcare actors operating in Järvenpää listed below:

Ask the staff for your Kaikukortti card. You don’t have to present proof of your income to obtain the card.

Where is Kaikukortti valid? 

You can use Kaikukortti to get a ticket for the cultural venues that are part of the Kaikukortti network, such as festivals, summer theatres and museums. Kaikukortti applies to most of the cultural services offered by these venues. You can also use Kaikukortti to participate in most of the adult education courses offered in Järvenpään Opisto.
The Kaikukortti cultural venues in Järvenpää are listed below:

The cultural venues in the Kaikukortti network state on their own websites which events, shows or courses Kaikukortti can be used for. You can also telephone them and ask them which of their services are covered by Kaikukortti. In Järvenpää Event Calendar on Kaikukortti event tab there is listing about events, Kaikukortti can be used for. Please note it is not complete list of all Kaikukortti events.

You can also use your card in the other Kaikukortti localities. Further information and links to the Kaikukortti pages at the websites of other participating localities: Localities – Kaikukortti in English » Kaikukortti in English

How to use Kaikukortti to get an entrance ticket or a place at a course? 

With Kaikukortti you can get a ticket through the cultural venue’s own ticket sales channel. Be prepared to show your Kaikukortti and its code (number and/or letter combination) when getting the ticket. You cannot use Kaikukortti to get tickets from an online shop. The number of available Kaikukortti tickets may be limited.

If you get a ticket through Lippupiste or another commercial ticket broker, you have to pay a service charge even though the ticket itself is free of charge. In Järvenpää-talo’s events there are no separate service fee.

If you want to take a course at an adult education centre, enroll for the course as usual in advance and then contact the office of the given centre to give them your Kaikukortti code.

Notice also, that there may be a limited number of Kaikukortti course places available.

Bring your Kaikukortti with you 

Bring your Kaikukortti with you when attending a cultural event or a course. The staff may request to see it. They may also ask you to prove your identity.

Tickets for children 

If you have children or grandchildren under the age of 18, you can also use your Kaikukortti to get tickets for them when you attend the event together. Children or grandchildren can in some cases attend the adult education courses with you.

Kaikukortti for communities

If you are interested in going to an event with a small group or an employee, you should ask if an employee of a community distributing Kaikukortti would like to attend the cultural event with you. 

The social service and healthcare actors that distribute Kaikukortti also have Kaikukortti cards for communities. Employees, volunteers and other representatives of communities can use Kaikukortti for communities to get a free entrance ticket for themselves and their clients who are under 16 years old when organizing a small group visit for one or more clients. Clients aged 16 or older must bring along their own Kaikukortti cards when attending the event. A small group can consist of, for example, 2-5 persons. Kaikukortti for communities can’t be used for the adult education courses.

Free entrance for assistants

Assistants to persons using the Kaikukortti card are always entitled to free admission. The assistant may be, for example, an assistant of a person with physical disabilities, a guide of a visually impaired person or an instructor of a person with developmental disabilities. An interpreter may be a Sign Language interpreter, a speech-to-text interpreter or a communication assistant. The holder of the Kaikukortti card needs to get a separate ticket for the assistant or interpreter.

Go with a voluntary culture companion

Would you like some company or support for a cultural visit? You can ask a voluntary culture companion to go with you.

Further information:
Setlementti Louhela, voluntary work center
040 767 3447 (Mon-Fri, 9–15)

Kaikukortti nationwide

Kaikukortti is used at several Finnish localities. You can use your Kaikukortti for cultural events organised at any Kaikukortti locality. You will find links to the Kaikukortti pages at the websites of the Kaikukortti localities through the website: www.kaikukortti.fi/en/localities.

Further information about Kaikukortti nationwide: