Welcome to Järvenpää

Järvenpää is a compact city located in the Uusimaa province, in the reach of the main railroad track and two of the main motorways. The city is situated only 35 kilometers north from Helsinki and is currently a home for over 45 000 people.

City of Sibelius and Culture

The city is well known for its culture and with strong roots to the Golden Age of Finnish art. Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius as well as several well-known classical Finnish artists lived here for most of their lives. Lake Tuusula provides a breathtaking scenery not only for admiring history, but for different kind of spare-time activities.

Vibrant city with good values

Today, Järvenpää is also a modern city with young and vibrant population and it is growing rapidly. Our main goal is to secure prerequisites for a good life for all the inhabitants. Companies and associations are in the very core of city and therefore our focus is  to provide favourable circumstances for them to act, develop and grow. All these things are strongly guided by the values of Järvenpää; people-oriented approach, courage, accountability, fairness and successfulness.

Welcome to the city of Järvenpää!