Housing and environment

Järvenpää is the centre of Central Uusimaa, offering diverse housing solutions for various needs and stages of life. In Järvenpää, you can live in the urban centre, in blocks of flats or detached houses in residential areas around the city or in a rural setting close to Lake Tuusula and nature.

Järvenpää is a forerunner in promoting the well-being of its residents. This is reflected in sustainable, high-quality and comfortable urban construction as well as customer-oriented and smooth services. It is easy to settle down in Järvenpää.

The luxury of Järvenpää is that you can enjoy first-class services and excellent transport connections without compromising on closeness to nature. We have a Natura area in the middle of the city. The lively Järvenpää has everything that other cities declaring urbanity have not yet been able to reach. It has the heartbeat and flow that small and happy cities are made of.

For residents, the lively Järvenpää offers everyday situations and places where you can enjoy nature experiences and encounters with other people. The closeness to nature manifests both as the presence of nature in the city and equally as a down-to-earth and uncomplicated urban identity.