Housing and moving

Järvenpää is a modern city with young and vibrant population and it’s growing rapidly. Our main goal is to secure prerequisites for a good life for all the inhabitants. 

Järvenpää offers diverse housing solutions for various needs and stages of life. In Järvenpää, you can live in the urban centre, in blocks of flats or detached houses in residential areas around the city or in a rural setting close to Lake Tuusula and nature.

Moving – Come and live in Järvenpää!

The luxury of Järvenpää is that you can enjoy first-class services and excellent transport connections without compromising on closeness to nature. In addition Järvenpää is a vibrant cultural city that offers its residents things to see and do all year round.

New residents of Järvenpää have the opportunity to pick up a package introducing the city from the Järvenpää-info service point.


Urban Development serves the residents at Järvenpää-info (Sibeliuksenkatu 8, 04400 Järvenpää).

Housing benefits

Read more about housing benefits: https://www.kela.fi/web/en

Rental housing

The City of Järvenpää owns and manages a total of approximately 1,900 rental flats. The flats can be applied for through Järvenpään Mestariasunnot Oy.

Useful information on rental housing is available at the joint website of Finland’s environmental administration: https://www.ymparisto.fi/en-US.